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Unique Character. Legendary Taste.

Deeply rooted in American tradition, Old Hickory Bourbon delivers a refined taste and unique character reminiscent of Andrew Jackson, an acclaimed U.S. President, General and Statesmen. Old Hickory, a connoisseur of fine bourbon, enjoyed his own blend from a distillery on the grounds of the Hermitage, his Tennessee plantation home. Our Old Hickory Bourbon brings that legendary era to life with intense flavor for a unique, enjoyable sipping experience.

Each award-winning expression of Old Hickory Bourbon is made from proprietary blends from our 100%-owned stocks. Our unique mash bills were created in conjunction with longtime Seagram's master blender, Pam Soule, at the former site of the historic Joseph E. Seagram's facility in Lawrenceburg, IN. The water we use to distill our whiskey is drawn from deep, rechargeable ancient glacial aquifers dating back 1.2 million years which formed the Ohio River basin as it looks today. All the corn is sourced from farms within a 250-mile radius of the distillery.

Old Hickory Bourbon Whiskeys

Old Hickory Blended Bourbon Whiskey

Old Hickory Blended Bourbon is a meritage of bourbon and whiskey bottled at 80 proof and blended to deliver classic flavors for traditional bar mixing or sipping straight. Amber in color, this crowd pleasing bourbon is bright and spicy with attractive aromas of cherry custard, pistachio gelato, and almond nougat. With a silky medium-to-full bodied taste, Old Hickory Blended Bourbon exhibits a tingling, engaging finish with lingering flavors of white toffee, dried cherry, and honey custard.

Old Hickory Straight Bourbon

Old Hickory Straight Bourbon is bottled at 86 proof, which is the traditional "Perfect Proof" preferred historically by American distillers. Created for modern whiskey cocktails and bourbon connoisseurs, Old Hickory Straight Bourbon is rich and near mahogany in color. With intense spice and oak aromas, this bold bourbon is masculine and displays notes of cedar and gingerbread. The over-proof delivers a lingering finish of pie crust and sweet tobacco.

Availability by State

Arksansas - Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits
Arizona - Breakthru Beverage Group
Connecticut - Ace Distributing, LLC.
Washington, DC - Opici Family Distributing
Deleware - Opici Family Distributing
Florida - Opici Family Distributing
Iowa - State of Iowa
Idaho - Idaho State Liquor Division
Illinois - Donnewald Distributing
Indiana - Johnson Brothers
Massachusetts - Abacus Distributing
Maryland - Opici Family Distributing

Minnesota - Johnson Brothers
North Carolina - Johnson Brothers
North Dakota - Johnson Brothers
Nebraska - Johnson Brothers
Nevada - Johnson Brothers
New Jersey - A&A Distributing; Opici Family Distributing
New York - Opici Family Distributing
Rhode Island - Johnson Brothers
South Dakota - Johnson Brothers
Tennessee - Lipman Brothers; Star Distributors
Texas - Top Shelf Distributing
Wisconsin - Johnson Brothers

Awards & Accolades

Old Hickory Blended Bourbon

  • Silver Medal - WSWA Tasting Competition - 2015
  • 93 Points - Ultimate Spirits Challenge - 2015
  • 86 Points, Silver Medal - Beverage Testing Institute - 2015
  • Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2015

Old Hickory Straight Bourbon

  • Triple Gold Medal for Taste - Microliquor Awards - 2017
  • Silver Medal - WSWA Tasting Competition - 2017
  • Best in Class - American Bourbon - Platinum -
    SIP Awards International Spirits Competition - 2015
  • Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2015