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Below are some fun facts about us! We've been around so long that we've seen it all, so we thought we'd share some with you.
How old are we?

We've been around since 1868 - yes, that's right. Since the year 1868, we've seen the Industrial Revolution, made it through prohibition, seen women get the right to vote, watched as we made it to the moon, seen the iPhone created, and much more.

What are we?

We have two different whiskey lines. We have the Black Label Blended whiskey, which is a mixture of bourbon and whiskey. We also have the White Label Straight bourbon, which is bottled at 86 proof - considered perfect proof. Additionally, we have the Hermitage Reserve line for our upper tier option. Look out for our new additions coming in the future!

How are we made?

Currently, 100% of the distillation is done at the historical Joseph E. Seagram's facility in Lawrenceburg, IN. Water is drawn from deep, rechargeable ancient glacial aquifers, dating back 1.2 million years which formed the Ohio River basin.

How long do we age our whiskey?

Old Hickory Black Label is 89% whiskey aged 4 years or more and 11% minimum aged 2 years. Old Hickory White Label is aged a minimum of 4 years and has stocks up to 7 years old.

Going green

Old Hickory uses environmentally friendly ways to distill and produce our whiskey. All the corn we use is sourced from farms within a 250-mile radius of the distillery. All "distiller dried grains" are reused and sold to farmers for high protein food supplements for livestock and poultry. Steam is captured and repurposed for heating and cleaning of the distillery. Wastewater is treated on site and returned to the system with a positive environmental impact. We've been around for so long, we want to keep the earth looking as good as when we first got here!

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Interested in learning more about us? Check out our story!
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