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Polo Power Play

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Introducing the Old Hickory Bourbon/Airstream Polo team!

The Old Hickory team has been attacking the polo field for the past three years - giving Old Hickory a great reputation and bragging rights in the polo world.

2021 Monty Waterbury® Champions: Old Hickory Bourbon - Matias Magrini, Cody Ellis, Santino Magrini, Stevie Orthwein.

Our team has had major wins - including the 2021 Monty Waterbury Tournament, the 2nd oldest tournament in the United States. These tournaments are hosted in Wellington, Florida and it is where the big names of polo come to compete.

Tournaments are held during January - April and this is when our team plays big.

Our team knows the value of team work and working hard towards a goal, which is why we have had very successful seasons in Florida.

Reaching for the Gold

The sport of polo has been around in the United States since 1890, which has very early beginnings - similar to Old Hickory Bourbon. We are so happy to sponsor this team and love watching their drive and commitment to the game every season.

Teamwork is everything

Thank you for reading, please follow along with score and tournament updates on our ScoreBoard blog and on our social media @OldHickoryBourbon

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