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Old Hickory Bourbon Blog

Welcome to the world of Old Hickory - Since 1868.

Then. And now.

Welcome to our blog! We are Old Hickory Bourbon and we've been around since 1868 - so you can say we've seen it all. Our origin story starts in Fayette County, Kentucky. We've been through quite a journey getting to where we are now - through Prohibition, world wars, moon landings, and technology revolutions - but it's made us who we are.

Learn more about all things Old Hickory through our blog posts.

Old Hickory Bourbon - White Label & Old Hickory Whiskey - Black Label

Old Hickory is made for the bourbon lover that knows what good bourbon tastes like and has high standards - we get it, we've seen it all.

Smooth Pour, Classic Taste

We've got a lot of history behind our pour - which we are excited to share with you.

Thanks for reading!

Follow along with our blog and learn more about our world of bourbon and what makes us Old Hickory Bourbon.

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