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Old Hickory White Label Straight Bourbon

Old Hickory Straight Bourbon is bottled at 86 proof, which is the traditional “Perfect Proof” preferred historically by American distillers. Created for modern whiskey cocktails and bourbon connoisseurs, Old Hickory Straight Bourbon is rich and near mahogany in color. With intense spice and oak aromas, this bold bourbon is masculine and displays notes of cedar and gingerbread. The over-proof delivers a lingering finish of pie crust and sweet tobacco.

Old Hickory Blended Whiskey

Old Hickory Black Label is a meritage of bourbon and whiskey bottled at 80 proof and blended to deliver classic flavors for traditional bar mixing or sipping straight. Amber in color, this crowd pleasing bourbon is bright and spicy with attractive aromas of cherry custard, pistachio gelato, and almond nougat. With a silky medium-to-full bodied taste, Old Hickory Black Label exhibits a tingling, engaging finish with lingering flavors of white toffee, dried cherry, and honey custard.

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Hermitage dunk 3 pt 2.HEIC

Old Hickory
Hermitage Reserve
Barrel Proof Whiskey

Intriguing aromas of vanilla bean, banana brioche, marmalade, and sweet corn brulee with an essence of sandalwood. Graceful on the palate featuring flavors of caramel corn, toffee, and orange zest with a hint of cocoa, all gently wrapped in warm, subtle notes of oak. The extended aging lengthens the taste profile and results in an incredibly smooth, approachable barrel-proof whiskey, matured in 18-year-old ex-bourbon barrels. 

Our Barrel Proof has been awarded the Best in Class and Double Gold from the San Francisco World Spirits Awards Competition.



Since 1868, we've been the award-winning taste of the party.

Most recently awarded Double Gold & 97 Points at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird


Old Hickory was founded in 1868 in Fayette County, Kentucky. The distillery was called Old Hickory Distillery and is where our brand began. This distillery was built by John Robb, who produced "Old Hickory Sour-Mash Kentucky Copper" whiskey. 

Old Hickory moved states in 1896 to Chattanooga, Tennessee by E.R. Betterton & Co., producing Old Hickory as a nod to the former president, Andrew Jackson, and the strength and resilience of the American people. Andrew Jackson had a history of distilling whiskey and began distilling in Tennessee years before Old Hickory. Old Hickory spread outside of the south, for whiskey lovers everywhere to enjoy.

Shortly after the creation and spread of Old Hickory, fine spirit lovers were very disappointed when the prohibition began in 1910 in Tennessee. Whiskey was banned from being produced for 10 years before the Federal ban of alcohol in 1920. 

After years of being banned, the prohibition was repealed and spirit lovers everywhere rejoiced! Publicker Distilling Co. began to apply their technologies to distilling and producing beverage alcohol spirits. In 1933, they formed a subsidiary company, Continental Distilling Corporation, producing Old Hickory bourbons.

In 2011, the R.S. Lipman Company brought Old Hickory back home to Tennessee when Robert Lipman resurrected the brand. Recognizing the long history of Old Hickory, Lipman selected Seagram's master blender, Pam Soule, to produce mash bills in Lawrenceberg, IN in a previously used Seagram facility to ensure the authenticity of the brand.

Old Hickory is a tried and true legend, being around for over 150 years, we've seen it all.

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